” Capsule Hotel ” is cheap accommodation in Japan

Saturday, February 15th, 2014 - Hotel, Travel

capsule-hotelTraveleggo.com – Japanese is also popular with the capsule hotel . Lodging here could be an option for the solo traveler , or just want to try out the sensation. Imagine sleeping in a capsule measuring 3 x 1 meters , with neighbors beside , below and above you .

There are some capsule hotels in Japan , including Capsule hotel in Osaka , Capsule Ryokan in Kyoto , Green Plaza Capsule Hotel Shinjuku 510 and Shinjuku. Rates stay ranged between 2000-5000 yen per night . Facilities provided vary , some of which include internet and toiletries .

Internet cafes in Japan can also be an option as a place to stay if it is forced .. They have private cubicles for rent , complete with comfortable chairs and computers . You can also use the bathroom and buy food at a price murah. The rates around 1500-2500 yen per night .

You can also stay in a traditional house or commonly called a ryokan . Its location close to the Temple Daishoin . Bedding in the form of a thin mattress that can be folded if it is not needed . Eat breakfast and lunch usually includes preferred rates the range between 18,000 yen – 30,000 yen .

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